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It is our recommendation that regular system health checks are performed on your payroll software. This ensures that your payroll system is kept up to date with changing legislation. Using an experienced consultant that is efficient with the use of multiple payroll systems can assist in ensuring your current payroll environment is fully optimized.

SBS Administrators offer a flexible payroll solution that can be structured to meet our client’s business needs. We currently provide outsourced payroll services to small to medium businesses as well as on-site Payroll consulting support. We predominantly work with portfolios that harness a human resource quotient of at least 10 employees on a weekly and monthly pay period. This includes custom business intelligence reporting and all monthly and annual statutory reporting to the relevant government entities, ensuring your payroll remains compliant.

What do you do when an employee tells you that you have over taxed them?

Even when using a payroll system to calculate an employees tax, it is important to understand factors that can affect how the system calculates the PAYE. Incorrect employee start dates as well as not using the correct tax codes can result in incorrect tax calculations creating a scenario where an employee could owe SARS money.

An employee whose annual income exceeds R87300.00 or R7275.00 per month is required by SARS to pay PAYE. The PAYE (Pay as You Earn) is calculated based on the applicable tax tables and is reported to SARS each month using an EMP201 submission through Efiling.

An EMP201 provides SARS with a breakdown of the Total amounts of PAYE, UIF, ETI and SDL calculated by your payroll system.

SARS also requires a BI Annual Reconciliation or EMP501 Submission. The first recon period is March to August each year and the Second for the full Tax year of March to February submitted using SARS EasyFile software.

We offer this as a service and ensure that you are fully compliant with SARS saving you time and money.

Inaccurately managed employee leave records can be costly to your company. Biometric clocking systems can assist with tracking absenteeism and provide accurate leave reporting. Payroll systems that are set up to use this biometric data are less likely to be susceptible to leave abuse.

Payroll management is a dynamic environment that is determined by multiple facets of government legislation. It is important to remain up to date with the changes in order to ensure compliance.

SBS Administrators offer ongoing training for your staff to ensure your business remains compliant.

Data collection is one of the most important aspects of processing an efficient and accurate payroll. This includes engagements, discharge procedures and leave management.

We assist clients with evaluating their current processes and suggesting implementation of optimized processes where necessary.

Biometric clocking systems have gained traction over the past decade as they greatly increase efficiency and accuracy, providing automation with integration into payroll systems.

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